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“Obviously, there are too many projects for big companies. GOG’s league might only be managed by one department of big companies. They might not do their best. The big companies might not be able to catch up once they recognize the value of the GOG league. We can’t control them effectively.”

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“On the other hand, small companies are completely different. GOG league might be the lifeline of the entire company and the main source of income to them. Would they dare to do anything lesser than their best? Moreover, even if the GOG league develops, these small companies can only be at our mercy because all of their lifelines are in our hands. Once we revoke the GOG league’s authorization, it would be equivalent to cutting off their lifeline. This way, we can still maintain a certain level of control over the overseas league!”

“Therefore, Boss Pei’s decision looks like he’s giving up a portion of the benefits on the surface. However, it would greatly reduce the resistance to expanding the overseas market and speed up the expansion!”

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“It would not be a problem to monopolize it if there is only one GOG game at the moment. However, we still have IOI as a competitor in the world. Their overseas league is also being established. We have to make some sacrifices to be ahead of them!”

“Splitting some of the pie out would make the pie bigger. That way, we can obtain more benefits.”

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Everyone nodded in realization.

Boss Pei was indeed far-sighted. He had thought of all these things in advance!

That employee asked again, “But, Boss Zhang, this way, the GPL would definitely be very different from other overseas competitions. If there really is a difference in affinity, would it cause overseas players to feel disgusted?”

Zhang Yuan smiled. “I understand your worries, but they are unnecessary.

“If we take it all on ourselves, the overseas league would be different from the domestic league. It would definitely cause dissatisfaction among foreign players. We have to be impartial in the eyes of the public.”

“However, we are not taking it all on ourselves. We are working with other overseas companies.”

“If there’s a problem with the overseas league, the overseas companies will definitely take the blame for us! If the overseas players are not satisfied, they should also look for the overseas agent companies. They would definitely not target us first.”

“What’s more, we don’t have to make the other leagues look exactly like GPLs.”

“Boss Pei has indeed invested a lot of effort into the GPL, but this is because the GPL is our own competition zone. GOG only has one champion in the global invitational tournament. The competition zones must be competing with each other. If we take it all on, it would be equivalent to turning all the leagues in the world into internal leagues. On the other hand, letting the various competition zones decide their own development direction would allow the ecology of the different regions to be more diverse. The collision in the finals would also be more exciting.”

Everyone nodded.

Obviously, none of the strategies could be comprehensive. They had to give up one thing if they chose the other.