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"I think I understand why you revealed your identity this late. Now this makes it impossible for us to fight out of bounds. Shut the door, Albert".

After receiving that order from Ryuuen, Albert closed the door that leads back into the school.

"But it's still a bad move. You may have thought it would all end here but I won't let that happen".

Everyone here can already tell what's going to happen next.

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Ryuuen won't change his ways.

"I suppose my retreat has been cut off. Now you're free to take this in the direction you desire".

"First I'll put the fear on that apathetic face of yours. Are you underestimating me? Thinking I wouldn't do anything reckless".

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"Are you really going to resort to violence?".

"Conflict isn't always a mental affair. Violence is the most powerful force in this world. This applies to a general leading his forces and is also a brilliant means to assassinate said general both. No matter how crafty you may be, you will be forced to yield before violence".

Even now, as the situation seems as though a fight were about to break out, I looked over at Ryuuen, Ibuki, Ishizaki and Albert one by one for a moment.

"I'm going to commit your pathetic appearance to memory and then I'll call it quits. Because I'll be moving onto Ichinose come the third semester after all".

"People do yield before violence, that's for sure. Your logic is sound there. But to carry out that logic, you need to be stronger than the other guy. Do you understand that?".

"The four of you here won't be enough to stop me".