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He did protect me from Manabe's group.

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"You seem like you trust X quite a fair bit, Karuizawa".

Ryuuen sighed as though in exasperation.

"You were deceived".

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"That's not......".

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"It's the truth. I'll tell you the truth about the shipboard exam that X never told you".


Somewhere along the way, Ryuuen had stopped smiling.

"Manabe wanted to bully you as payback for Morofuji but she couldn't find an opening to do so. Even if she invites you over to an isolated spot, it's not like you'd just obey her. By the way, for some reason you went below deck alone. Why is that?".


That's because Yousuke-kun asked me to go there. Back then, I was emotionally unstable and had no choice but to rely on Yousuke-kun, the person I was parasitizing.

That's why I went there...and Manabe's group also came there by coincidence......

"Do you really think it was just a coincidence?".

Once again, Ryuuen saw through me.

"There's no way they could follow you around the clock on such a large ship. In that case, Manabe's group showing up there isn't a coincidence but an inevitability".

Does that mean Yousuke-kun lied to me? No...that's not it.

I understood right away that isn't the case.