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Unfortunately, I remembered my feelings yesterday because of our conversation just now.

… Sigh… No other way about this. Yes, I remembered, it couldn’t be helped.

I lift my head and showed a broad smile… This time, I didn’t stammer when I talked to Tendo-san.

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“However, Tendo-san… Even though they are boring to you, they are meaningful to me.”

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“So, I will apologize to you about the Gamers Club. I still won’t be joining the Gamers Club.”

“! But… But… Why?”

Tendou-san’s smile became stiffer. Even though it breaks my heart… I still can’t give in on this, and replied with a smile.

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“Like I said yesterday, there isn’t any ‘game’ I want to play there.”

“So I’m asking you──!"

Tendo-san raised her voice, then cautiously lowered it again.

"── That’s why I am asking you, what does that mean?"

“It means… Sorry, even though you are asking, I am not too sure myself.”