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My master’s final push. I’ll use it without hesitation.

“Let’s go! I won’t let anyone get in the way!!”

That technique.

Focus, Inflate, Harden, and, if you can afford it, give it shape and if you can afford it, make it spin!

“That!!?? Ear……… ah…”

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“Sadiz Big Sister? Wh…… what’s wrong?”

“Ah… I see…… ah… I’m…… ha… ah―――――eehh!!??”

With the shockwave generated by protruding the huge spiral that I created by wearing the magic power that shines green at the speed of sound…

“Wowoooo! 【Arcane True Zenith Cannonball Tackle】!!”

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“【Great Magic Spiral?Earth Spiral?Sonic Impact】!!”

Blow away.

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