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“However, Boss Pei seemed to be encouraging us to spend as much money as possible on sales and marketing, so that IOI’s local server can fight GOG in the local market.

“I find it weird to be fighting our own family members. What’s more, I’m very close to the people in Tengda Games. That makes everything even more strange. “On top of all that, I don’t think we stand a chance of winning.”

Obviously, Lin Wan thought that both games were close but distant relatives.

GOG had been developed by Tengda, and it even contained a hero modeled after Boss Pei. Although IOI was not bad, it was not that close to home.

Moreover, Tengda only had operational rights for IOI. It could not interfere with the research and development of the game. This made Lin Wan very uncomfortable.

Ye Zhizhou remained silent for a moment and then said, “I think that Boss Pei might be trying to create dog-eat-dog competition.

“GOG has been developing very well, but that means Tengda Games could easily become complacent. Competitors could overtake it very quickly. For games of this genre, most players only focus on what game at a time. The winner takes all.”

Lin Wan gave it some thought. “I think so as well, but... Where’s the proof?”

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Ye Zhizhou answered, “Timing is the proof.

“The first thing that Dream Realization Ventures did once it was established was to invest twenty million yuan in Finger Games and obtain agency rights for IOI’s local server. Soon after that, Boss Pei tasked Tengda Games with developing GOG. Could that have been a coincidence?

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“Obviously, Boss Pei can foresee that such games hold huge potential. “Most game developers would choose either agency rights or developing their own version of the game. Yet, Boss Pei did both-he obtained agency rights and developed his own version of the game. Clearly, he’s placing a lot of importance on this game genre.” Lin Wan nodded. That made sense.

All along, she had seen Boss Pei as a strategic and meticulous person.

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After achieving success with one game of a particular genre, he would not create another game of the same genre.

However, he chose to work on both GOG and IOI, which were of the same genre. Whether he hoped that one would surpass the other or that both games would spur each other on, it showed that Boss Pei was paying particular attention to this genre of games.

After some thought, Lin Wan said, “Our first goal should be to fulfill Boss Pei’s mission and fight GOG for gamers, right?”

Ye Zhizhou nodded. “I agree. Although we can’t be a hundred percent sure of what Boss Pei’s intentions are, we can be absolutely sure that Boss Pei told us to fight GOG for gamers.”

“But...” Lin Wan frowned. “Maybe I’m being biased as I analyze GOG, but I really don’t think that IOI can surpass GOG in any way.”

Ye Zhizhou handed the folder in his hands to Lin Wan. “I think that this is one of our trump cards.”