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“Amano-kun, who do you think I am?”

Tendou-san said that a bit angrily. I gave her a bitter smile in response.

“No, those words aren’t really for you…Instead, it’s more for a fanatic gamer that I know, so I have to advise that beforehand.

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“Who’s that?”

“Your boyfriend.”


Tendou-san seems to have understood. I bet she remembered the scene where I just said “Oh, I don’t really want to play games that much” in the Game Club full of hardcore gamers…Hmm.

“Just like my example, people will really forget to observe the situation when they’re talking about the things that they love, so I guess you’ll have to pay attention to that…”

“T-Thank you for such a personal suggestion.”

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“That’s fine…”

We lowered our heads as we apologized to each other…While you should treasure a person that you can share all things with, sometimes it’ll be more depressing…right.

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Tendou-san ate her lunch silently for a while. After that, she seemed to have made up her mind and mumbled “Alright” before looking at me.

“I understand. I’ll just be the true Karen Tendou when I’m in the Hobby Club. Of course, I won’t immerse myself too much into it.”

Tendou-san’s determination…made me really excited. I can’t help but lean my body forward.