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“…I’m not sure… maybe we’d go looking for Yume-chan together…?”

“Even if it puts you both at risk of getting hurt and retiring from the exam should things go south?”

“She’s my friend. There’s no way I could just leave her to fend for herself.”

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Her response was truly befitting the unity of her class; it didn’t matter whether or not it was the right strategic choice. As a student of Class 2-A, Takemoto may be a bit reluctant to leave the campsite at first, but in the end, he would probably fold and decide to help all the same.

That being said, the most reliable plan moving forward would be to sit back and wait for them to come looking for her.

And if push came to shove, they might even spend a point on the GPS Search to try and find us.

However, with how dark it was, there was no telling if they’d be successful even with one or two searches of the nearby area.

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“Does your group have points to spare? Would spending two or three on GPS Searches put your rank at risk?”

“That─ I wonder. I don’t think it’d be very good.”

It seemed as though they weren’t ranked very high, at least not to the point where she felt comfortable spending a couple of points. Would doing so cost them everything, or would it not matter in the end? There was no way to tell what impact it would truly have until the exam was over.

Shiranami probably didn’t like the thought of her fellow group members using up their points to come searching for her either.

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As expected, the best option she had right now was to wait on standby here at my campsite after all, but… I couldn’t discount the possibility that Takemoto and Kobashi might not come looking for her, or that they give up after they aren’t able to find her. If that were to happen, I’d be forced to spend the night outside given that Shiranami would be using my tent, which, in turn, would probably end up slowing me down tomorrow.

Therefore, if there was ever a time to take action, it would be now.

“How are you?”