Is there any way to make money on the Internet?

Is there any way to make money on the Internet?

If the books were lousy, readers would not visit their website. They would be making ducks and drakes of this sum of money. Pei Qian could not be more satisfied with this plan.

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What’s more, they were approaching settlement. Pei Qian had to spend his money as quickly as possible.

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Ma Yiqun might have thought that two million yuan was a bit too much, but Pei Qian wished he could hand more money to him.

Ma Yiqun was especially touched.Indeed, Boss Pei lived up to his name. He was as generous as ever! He put it well when he said we could afford to buy more talent over!

If they paid more royalties to the better writers, Zhongdian Chinese Network would have an edge over other small novel websites. As time went by, a virtuous cycle might be established!

What moved Ma Yiqun even more was the amount of trust Boss Pei had for him!

He essentially gave Ma Yiqun free rein over these two million yuan.

How much did he trust him?! Would ordinary leaders have this amount of courage?! Would he still be human if he didn’t do his best for Boss Pei?

Ma Yiqun patted his own chest and announced, “Don’t worry, Boss Pei! I will work hard to choose the most capable writers. I won’t let your money go to waste!”

Pei Qian smiled but sniggered inside.

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As long as you work hard, my money will be wasted. Why else would I regard you so highly as my employee?

After leaving Zhongdian Chinese Network, Pei Qian returned to Tengda’s office. The game was about to be released; everyone was obviously excited and expectant. Everyone—including Li Yada—was focused on trying out the game. The game had already been tested. Although there were still bugs in it, the chances of players experiencing these bugs were very low. However, no one could relax. Up until this point, they continued to check the game as if they were checking their examination papers at the last minute. Most of them were just trying to comfort themselves.

As for Bao Xu…

He continued playing other games as if he had no plans to test out Repent and Be Saved like the others.