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Qiu Hong exchanged a few more pleasantries. He had wanted to ask Xia Jiang and the others to stay for a meal, but they were politely rejected.

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Qiu Hong did not insist further. He sent the interview team into the car before returning to the incubation base to continue his work.

Xia Jiang flipped through the content that she had quickly recorded and looked at the photos and videos taken by the photographer in the car.

She frowned slightly as she flipped through, a special feeling lingered in her heart.

“Strange, why do these two incubation bases give me a sense of deja vu?”

“The work desks are very loose and the working environment is excellent. Everyone’s passion for work is very high.”

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“Arrangement for designers to play games regularly to accumulate inspiration. Arrangement for Deposit Fitness to exercise.”

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“Why is it so similar to Tengda’s style?”

“Could it be that... the incubation base of the ‘Destitution Plan’ is related to Tengda? The friend and investor that Qiu Hong mentioned is actually Boss Pei?”

For some reason, Xia Jiang recalled what she had seen during her interview with Tengda. It matched the situation at the incubation base!

She herself was shocked by this thought. However, once she accepted this setting, she realized that everything seemed to make sense!

The investor that Qiu Hong mentioned seemed a little too noble. It even made people doubt his authenticity and wonder if he really existed.