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Even if he handed them to others, he would have no time or effort to check in on things. Everything could easily go haywire.

Thus, Pei Qian decided to use Cyclical Shock Therapy on the businesses!

In every cycle, one portion of Tengda’s businesses would be operating while the rest undergo shock therapy.

Of course, the System prohibited employees from remaining passive or slacking at work. They had to release new products every once in a while.

So... Pei Qian decided to negotiate with the System. According to his understanding of the System, there was room for negotiation.

“System, if a certain company has made outstanding contributions to the development of the entire group of companies, it would be perfectly reasonable to give that company a few months off so that employees can upgrade their skills, right? Not only would their knowledge improve, but they would also be able to contribute more to the group of companies in the future.”

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Soon, Pei Qian got a positive answer.

However, there were limitations. Only one company could take a few months off during each cycle. What’s more, while he had to continue paying the necessary expenses for the company, he could not make any investments.

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In other words, he could pay the employees their salaries, but he could not invest in any projects.

Pei Qian was extremely satisfied. He could do that!

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There was no need for any more discussion. Fei Huang Workspace would go into shock therapy first! Judging by their current speed, they could produce three or four films each year. If each film earned tens of millions of yuan, wouldn’t the income be incredible?

On top of that, Pei Qian had learned one thing. The first-place-elimination system was effective, but there were still shortcomings. For example, it could encourage employees to work even harder.

Thus, Pei Qian had to offer consolation to what he thought were ‘outstanding companies’, the companies that incurred sustained losses.

He would supplement the ‘first-place-elimination system’ with a “last-place-reward system’!

Pei Qian had already thought about whom to give this reward.

Upwind Logistics...

Ever since it had been established, Upwind Logistics had been steadily incurring losses for Boss Pei. Lu Mingliang had not turned the losses into profits, and he had thus gained Boss Pei’s deep trust.