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“I won’t go in, so you don’t need to worry.”

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While she and I clearly weren’t on the same page and there were a few small issues with my reasoning, I shooed Shiranami into my tent and zipped up the entrance between us.

“I-I’m sorry for intruding… on your resting place…”

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“It’s fine. More importantly, are Kobashi and Takemoto doing well?”


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In which case, they were probably getting worried that Shiranami hadn’t returned yet.

They were most likely discussing whether or not they should go out and search for her or stay and wait at their campsite.

“Did your group make a contingency plan for when one of you gets lost?”

I asked, but Shiranami simply shook her head from side to side, so I just continued to speak.

“It’s possible that Takemoto might go out to look for you on his own, but there’s a chance that he’ll get lost. Having said that, if Takemoto and Kobashi were to search for you together and leave their tents and bags unattended, that would be pretty risky too.”

It wouldn’t be very practical for them to pack up their tents and take their things with them either, given that it was possible that Shiranami might make her way back to their own campsite all on her own, only to find it completely deserted.

If they wanted to play it as safe as possible, then they shouldn’t wander out of sight of their tents, but instead patrol the surrounding area, keeping their lights on as they call out to Shiranami in hopes that she would notice them. However, since they hadn’t even discussed beforehand what they would do in a situation like this, there was no telling whether or not they’d be able to keep calm and make a level-headed decision.

There was a good chance that they had gone out to try and search for her without so much as a second thought.