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"Never once thought we'd be expelled. Because we were aiming for 1st place after all".

No matter what your feelings are, the fact that we've avoided expulsion is a significant one. However, something about the way that elderly man phrased it seemed off. If there are no expellees among the entire student body then there'd be no reason to say 'boys' in particular. In other words---

"As for the boys' group that placed first, I'll only be announcing the name of its 3rd year leader. For the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of that group, your rewards will be handed out to you at a later date".

After explaining that, the elderly man slowly read the name.

"3rd year, Class C. Ninomiya Kuranosuke-kun's group placed first".

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That announcement caused a portion of the 3rd years to celebrate. I didn't know which group it was for a moment, but I immediately realized that it's the group the older Horikita is in.

It appears the older Horikita has dominated the battle against Nagumo.

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"You did it, Horikita. As expected of you".

Afterwards, groups starting from 2nd place to last place were announced but for the seniors that's merely a bonus. Fujimaki, paying it no attention, praised the older Horikita.

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"Oi, Yukimura. We're 2nd. We did it!".

"Yeah, that's a relief. That's really a relief".

I don't know by how much since they didn't announce the difference in points but Nagumo's in 2nd place. That means it was close but he lost. Even if he placed 2nd, it still means Nagumo lost so he'd somewhat quiet down. That's what everyone thought. To be honest, I couldn't tell whose tactics would triumph in this fight. Why? Because I wasn't particularly interested in it.

However, Nagumo's been smiling constantly beside me without showing any sign of being agitated.

This isn't a man who defiantly made his challenge and lost. I suppose that's to be expected. Because this man's been doing something ridiculously 'wicked' behind the scenes.

"1st place secured. Congratulations, Horikita-senpai. As expected of you".

Nagumo raised his voice and congratulated the older Horikita. The older Horikita neither replied nor celebrated, remaining silent for the remainder of the announcement.

No, perhaps he's starting to feel something off about this.

"You lost, Nagumo".