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Those who had passed the Tengda spirit test would definitely choose to make a name for themselves and help their company develop.

Of course, he had to consider the specific questions carefully. His intentions could not be too obvious. He had to hide the key questions in many confusing questions so that he would not be easily discovered.

In order to avoid alerting the enemy, one would still pass the Tengda Spirit compatibility test even if he chose such an answer. However, Pei Qian would find an excuse to make arrangements for these people.

At that time, he would make it clear to everyone that he would select a portion of people based on the test results and assign them to other projects.

For example... places like Thriller Hostel and Upwind Logistics.

All in all, they had to minimize the impact of their fighting spirit on Tengda!

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Other than that, he had to investigate how the Tengda spirit had gone astray. He could not let this matter rest!

November 19th, Saturday...

At the Manage Loss Trainees’ regular meeting...

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Recently the Management Loss Generation Meeting was held twice a month, but it did not mean much to Pei Qian. There was not much useful information.

That was because the settlement cycle had just reached the middle stage. Many projects were still being developed step by step. There were no particularly dangerous joint events, and there were no signs of profits.

Since there was no such information, an intelligence-gathering organization like Manage Loss Trainees naturally could not gather anything.

However, on the principle of taking precautions, the Manage Loss Trainees’ meeting was still held as usual and reported as usual. Pei Qian listened intently the entire time, afraid that he would miss out on some important information.

The Manage Loss Trainees’ meeting went on as usual. They reported the recent work of their various departments as usual. Tang Yishu was still taking notes seriously as usual.

Most of the information was already in Pei Qian’s hands. Thus, there was not much to pay attention to.