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If anything, she was trying all she could to be my friend, up until the very end.


I simply couldn’t turn a blind eye to that serious, earnest look in her eyes.

I didn’t know where to start.

No, it’d surely be futile to try and conceal it.

I would tell her everything. Confiding in her was the very least I could do to apologize.

“I… It’s just as you’ve said. I’m dating Ayano… No, I’m dating Kiyotaka.”

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Satō-san naturally had a very strong reaction upon hearing this.

Even though she had confessed to Kiyotaka and gotten rejected before, she still had lingering feelings for him.

It’s only because she and I ended up liking the same person that I could understand how she felt.

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“You call him Kiyotaka, huh?”

I wanted to run and hide from her cold gaze, but I couldn’t.

“We got together right at the end of spring break. It really hasn’t been that long.”