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“When it comes to the written exams, I’m always at the top of the class, no, of the entire school year. In fact, I placed second only by a slim margin on the end-of-year exam. Of course, had I put in any serious amount of effort, I would’ve easily taken first. Furthermore, in terms of physical ability, I even surpass you as well. You yourself should know this fact very well, don’t you?”

Kōenji flaunted the height of his potential.

“S-so what! That’s all meaningless if you don’t take things seriously!”

“Sure. That’s why from now on, I’ll turn over a new leaf. With this exam as the turning point, I’ll become a useful student who contributes to all sorts of exams moving forward. This would be a great advantage for the class, no?”

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“Wh-who would ever believe something like that!? I’m way more useful than you are!”

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Sudō’s clamoring was also reasonable.

Nobody in the classroom, including myself, had any reason to believe in Kōenji’s words.

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In fact, I didn’t think this man would take things seriously after this exam at all.

Rather, there was no real reason for him to actually change in the first place.

It was clear that, as long as he manages to get through this exam, he would just go back to living a self-indulgent life.

“Well then, allow me to reverse the question. This talk of you being more useful than I, is that something that everyone here can believe?”

Kōenji ignored Sudō, and instead began to address his classmates.

“No, not just Red Hair-kun. When it comes to students who haven’t helped at all yet, there’s no guarantee that they’ll suddenly become helpful in the future, is there? Anyone can list off empty promises, like I just have, but what really matters in the end is hidden strength. Without strength backing them up, empty promises lack persuasiveness altogether.”