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The next moment when Zack manifested his soul dress, a huge bomb swallowed Ria and Rose.

Suddenly the president asked me「Would you be interested in joining the『government』?」. I was greatly confused.

「W-What do you mean by government?」

「Frankly speaking, recruiting – headhunting. If Allen-kun is ok with it, come talk to my father right awa-」

When the president, with a serious expression, was about to proceed with the details,

A huge pillar of fire suddenly rose.

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The sudden situation caused people around us to panic.

「W-What!? Fire!?」

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「A ruffian is on a rampage! Contact the Holy Knights!」

「Oi Oi, at least give me a break on holiday…!」

The place where the pillar of fire went up was near. Just about ten meters from where we were.

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「Let’s go!」

When we rushed to the scene, there was a man with a huge scorching sword resting on his shoulder.

「Zahahahahaha! The〈Fafnir〉from rumours, only amounts to this much!? I’m so disappointed!」

At his feet, there was the figure of Ria and Rose crawling on the ground.