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However, Horikita had already anticipated that Sudō would choose to back Yamauchi.

Yet, Sudō also wasn’t willing to simply back down.

“He’s my friend, so I’m gonna protect him. That makes sense right? I know it’s pretty bad that he went and did what he did with Class A and all but… we don’t gotta expel him for that. Isn’t it all good as long as he reflects and seriously contributes moving forward?”

“If that was the case, there’d be no need to expel Ayanokōji-kun either, since he hasn’t done anything wrong.”


“This whole perspective of yours is flawed, Sudō-kun.”

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Horikita took a short breath, readying herself to bring forth all the courage she could muster.

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She stood tall, having fully resolved herself to be hated by her peers.

“By protecting one person, you’re abandoning somebody else. It follows that this exam isn’t about sentiment. It’s about theory.”

Sudō opened his mouth but proceeded to sink into silence.

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His desire to help his friend was clear.

But in order to do that, it meant that somebody else would have to be expelled instead.

Forming a group and trying to control the votes was, in and of itself, a mistake.

Until today, the class had been free to take whatever action they saw fit for the upcoming exam. Everyone had been consumed with negative thoughts, thinking specific people deserved to be expelled. Thinking that there was no point in fighting back against something that had already seemed to be decided upon.

This was exactly why it had come down to this. Everyone had realized that they aren’t able to take action for the sake of the class and that they just wanted to save themselves. If Horikita had done this on the day the exam was announced, it probably wouldn’t have been nearly as effective. More importantly, if she had appealed to the class before they had been forced to go through this special exam, her words probably wouldn’t have resonated with them. But now, everyone should be able to understand just how difficult and frightening it is to take the initiative and try to expel one of your classmates.

“Sorry, Haruki… I can’t do anything for you…”

Honestly, Sudō’s newfound maturity was shocking. He still had a tendency where he’d easily lose his temper after some small provocations, so while he had some ways to go, he was broadening his own horizons, little by little.