Teacher online solving software

Teacher online solving software

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“Everyone would have realized that the old monk plays a huge role in Repent and be Saved’s official novel.

“This old monk was portrayed as a strong, elite monster in the original plot. Yet, he turned out to be even weaker than the small monsters in the game.

“Why is that?

“It’s obvious that the officials had left this clue behind on purpose. Curiosity would drive gamers to study this old monk closely. After the monk kills the player six times, he would recover his sanity and give the awesome Pudu to the player.

“This way, even lousy players would get a weapon that would help them complete the game.

“The game provides a platform for professional players to display their elite skills and for less-skilled players to skip the fighting. Thus, Repent and be Saved is a game for everyone and not only for the minority!”

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Pei Qian felt beads of cold sweat dripping down his back.

It was no wonder that the weapon was discovered so quickly! It was hidden in the official novel!

Repent and be Saved’s content closely followed the official novel. That was why the old monk was made into an elite monster. Yet, in order to hide the Pudu well, Pei Qian purposely weakened the old monk. He thought that it would greatly reduce the chances of players being killed at the hands of the old monk and consequently finding the Pudu.

However, he forgot about the official novel after changing the old monk’s statistics!

Pei Qian could not be blamed; he would never have expected something like that!

He finally understood how the Pudu was discovered. Pei Qian rubbed his own chest and continued reading.