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Boss Pei was living on the 12th floor? What’s more, from the looks of it, he was planning to stay here long-term.

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That was surprising!

He did not need to try out his luck at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe anymore. He could be Boss Pei’s neighbor from now on!

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Li Shi had been wondering if there was a possibility that Boss Pei was living in the Sloth Apartments as well. It wouldn’t be ridiculous because Boss Pei used every one of Tengda’s business arms as well.

Games, take-out, internet cafes, delivery... Boss Pei used all of them.

The only exception was the gym, but Boss Pei had not seemed to neglect most of his businesses.

Thus, Li Shi found it possible that Boss Pei would stay in one of the Sloth Apartments. However, what Li Shi had not expected was that Boss Pei would be staying here long-term! Alternatively, he would be here very often!

Why else would Li Shi bump into Pei Qian despite how rarely he visited?

What would being Boss Pei’s neighbor entail?

Li Shi did not even dare to think about it. His expression was filled with both shock and surprise.

On the other hand, Pei Qian was at a loss for words and in a dilemma. Should he close the door and act like he didn’t see Li Shi?

That didn’t seem appropriate.