Is the lottery online to make money?

Is the lottery online to make money?

The most important thing was that Star Bird Fitness would also play certain publicity and promotional role!

Perhaps someone would come to Star Bird Fitness in the future and play VR games for a while when they were tired from training. Then, they would be happy and buy VR glasses at home?

However, at this point, Pei Qian did not have a good solution.

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Fortunately, Star Bird Fitness did not have a large scale now, and the number of equipment purchased was not huge. When the first wave of popularity caused by Doubt VR subsided, the popularity here should slowly decrease.

Tengda had only indirectly invested in Star Bird Fitness. It should not make a lot of money.

It was really a trap!

How could everyone he met in his life stab him in the back?

Pei Qian shook his head helplessly. He took the car back to continue thinking about how to spend money before this cycle ended.

July 22nd, Sunday...

Star Bird Fitness flagship store.

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Che Rong was even busier today than yesterday because there were more customers!

The gym might not be full yet but the attendance rate at peak hours had reached 80-90%! (MISSING)The usual attendance rate was also 40-50%!<(MISSING)/p>

The model of Star Bird Fitness was different from other gyms. Other gyms had to apply for cards, but Star Bird Fitness was allowed to experience it on a per-use basis. The fees were more varied.

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It did not look like a gym, but more like an internet cafe.

A single charge might be a little more expensive but it was obviously a safer choice for customers who wanted to try it out.

Che Rong thought about outsourcing software for customers to check the gym’s current situation in real-time if there was a chance in the future. He wanted to see if it was full and if there were still empty seats.

It was impossible to arrange everyone’s fitness schedule like Deposit Fitness, but they could at least avoid queuing.

That was the difference between Star Bird Fitness and other gyms.

The other equipment in the gym was all mixed. It was difficult to assess the specific load capacity of the gym. For example, there were a hundred people in the gym. How many of them wanted to use the dumbbells and how many of them wanted the back pullers?