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“Alright!” Li Yada returned to her workstation happily. Pei Qian gave Tang Yishu, who was busy feeding Glabella, a sidelong glance and returned to office with satisfaction.

Li Yada opened a new file and decided to design an exclusive hero for Boss Pei on the spot. First of all, the setting for this hero should be a tank.

Boss Pei was just like a huge tree. His stalwart figure sheltered Tengda’s employees from adversities. Therefore, the setting for this hero should be tall, sturdy, and reliable. Boss Pei spared no expenses in striving for excellence in quality, and so his passive skills should be to use extra money to build more powerful equipment.

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Boss Pei was an entrepreneur with dreams. He always walked right into areas that were not looked upon favorably by the others. He worked hard in these fields and reaped the rewards with his talents.

Boss Pei achieved greater success as his rivals, and fake reviewers continuously slandered him. Therefore, his first skill included both active and passive skills. His passive skill would be to accumulate rewards through the last hit. That would symbolize his diligence in certain fields.

In the event he received a certain degree of attack and got to kill or assist, the accumulated rewards would be converted to extra money.

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There would also be a chance to stimulate fighting spirit, improve defenses, and sprinkle a lot of golden attack special effects around. It would cause damage to the enemy and slow them down a little.

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Active release of skills could also cause the same effect.

Boss Pei controlled their time strictly and never allowed his employees to work overtime. He would force those who secretly worked overtime out of the office. That’s why Boss Pei’s second skill should cause a knockback effect on his enemies in a fan-shaped range. It would also prevent anyone from entering the range for some time.

Boss Pei was passionate about exploring new fields. Outstanding employees were deployed to be in charge of new business areas and achieved spectacular results. For that, Boss Pei’s third skill should be to throw a friendly unit across a certain range, causing a small amount of damage and slowing down the enemy unit within range after landing.

Finally, Boss Pei could continuously grow stronger and improve because he spurred himself on tirelessly.

Boss Pei’s ultimate move would be to spur himself on. His speed would be boosted greatly, and his health and resistance would be increased. At the same time, he would cause a small amount of damage back to himself which could frequently trigger one passive skill.

Li Yada then decided to design a unique image for Boss Pei.

He must be tall and stalwart as a tank hero. He should be a giant with broad shoulders and powerful arms. At the same time, he should have all types of weapons such as knives, swords, daggers, and spears-on his back since he frequently suffered sneaky attacks from his enemies.

It should be like the Goddess of Mercy, giving off divine Buddha light, and like Mahamayuri, the Great Peacock, who had a body made of both divine and demon at the same time.

This hero should continuously release attacks with golden special effects if he were to come under sneaky attack.

Finally, the name of this hero…

Guardian of Justice: Modest!