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"Naive. You're way too naive, Yukimu~. All roads lead to romance for a boy and a girl. Also, 'worldly type' is such a lame thing to say. Teenagers these days go at a much faster pace than you're imagining".

"What do you mean 'faster'? We're still in our 1st year of high school, you know".

"Look here, experiencing romance for the first time in your 1st year of high school is already considered too late. Back when I was in elementary school, some of my classmates were already dating middle schoolers and high schoolers".

Keisei's jaw dropped at Haruka's shocking declaration and he was left dumbfounded.

"I-I've never heard that before".

"That just means you never paid any attention to your surroundings, Yukimu~. Most girls aren't interested in a childish classmate after all".

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I don't think you can really apply this logic to elementary school students but that could just be both Keisei and I lacking experience in worldly matters. But I must make a correction where one needs to be made.

"Sorry to rain on your parade but there's no such thing going on with me".

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"Really? You sure you're not just trying to avoid the embarrassment?".

"S-See? I told you but you wouldn't believe me, Haruka-chan".

"I had some business at the library during lunch break. I just happened to run into Shiina there by coincidence. I think it's probably the same as Akito being watched by Ishizaki and the others at his club. She asked me a variety of things too. I didn't want to turn her down and end up attracting more unwanted attention...".

By going along with the flow of the conversation like this, it makes me sound more credible. Besides, it's not really a lie.

Even though our encounter was a coincidence, it's still highly possible she was trying to sound me out there.

"So you've finally been marked too, Ayanokouji. Does that Ryuuen guy really hate the idea of being overtaken by Class D that much?".

Akito resentfully said, aware now that he's not the only one affected by this. But Keisei began to consider this tailing problem from a different angle.

"No, that may not be the case. You've heard the recent rumors about there being a mastermind behind Class D too, right? I didn't give it much thought until now but that may be the reason why Ryuuen's tailing us. Ayanokouji, what exactly did Shiina ask you anyways?".

"You're exactly right, Keisei. She probably thought I'd be an easy target for conversation since I was alone. She talked about a variety of different topics too but she questioned me quite a bit about the mastermind and such".

"I-I see, so that's how it is. So it wasn't a date or anything".