The game on the online fishing money is not true.

The game on the online fishing money is not true.

“I told you it was a collective effort, didn’t I?”

“That’s… true, but… don’t you think he might be forcing himself?”

“Is that what it looks like to you?”

“Well, I guess not.”

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“Different people take different amounts of time to get over something. On the day after getting into a huge fight, most people tend to get along with each other as if nothing had happened in the first place.”

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Human relationships were just like that.

After accepting a warm welcome from the rest of the class, Hirata turned and approached his final opponent, Horikita.

“Good morning, Horikita-san.”

He stared at Horikita with honest, clear eyes.

“Y-yes. Good morning.”

Perhaps Horikita was shaken by how unexpectedly radiant Hirata was right now.

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“I don’t think I was wrong during the class trial the other day.”