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Many of the busy cars have made money.

“Hey, Karui! What are you talking about!?”

“Okay, big sister has Mr. Machio, but other sisters don’t have many opportunities like this.”

“B, but…”

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To Karui’s sudden suggestion, the guy’s shoulders clearly shook with a start… and the sisters looked like their hearts were pounding.

Although they were only peeking at each other, they seemed keenly interested.

Even though Mortriage and the others were relegated to the corner of the magic school, that did not matter here.

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But I thought a little about Karui’s proposal for a moment, and then…

“Hmm… no, not yet! I’m done eating!”


“Ooouuuh, Mortriage! You guys, eat up, and get some after-meal exercise! We’re still haven’t sparred yet!”

I immediately finished my own meal, and shouted to the boys.


“Hey, still in the middle of my meal … and that …”

“All of a sudden…? That, friendship…”