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“That’s misleading. To be exact, I was watching the distinct mannerisms of the shop assistant. How do I put it… He gave off an atmosphere that screamed ‘pervert’, didn’t he?”

“Ahaha… That’s for sure.”

It must have been pretty tough on the defenseless Sakura; even Kushida had enough of him.

“Because Kushida-san was with me today, he didn’t focus all of his attention on me. Thank you.”

If Sakura had faced the clerk one on one, she might have ended up running away.

“If it’s something like this, I’m totally willing to lend you a hand. Sakura-san, are you a fan of digital cameras?”

“Yeah… though it wasn’t a passion of mine when I was younger. I slowly came to like them after my father got me one before I got into middle school. That being said, I just like to take pictures, I don’t know anything about how cameras work at all.”

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“Understanding how cameras work and enjoying photography are two different things. I think it’s great to be passionate about something.”

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“If I’m remembering correctly, you said that you usually like to take pictures of landscapes right? Do you take pictures of other stuff, like people?”

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Sakura backed up quickly, in the blink of an eye. Did I ask an inappropriate question?

I thought that I had asked her something completely natural. Does she take pictures of something else, or is her specialty in taking pictures of scenery or landscape only?

Sakura opened her mouth in shock as her body stiffened.


I see. She doesn’t want to give a detailed answer to someone like me.