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How to make more than 20,000 online online

The week had been too difficult.

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There was no need to bring up the news of the metro on Monday. It gave Pei Qian a heavy blow, causing him to stay at home for two days before he recovered.

Immediately after that was the end of the summer promotional event on Wednesday.

Pei Qian could only describe this summer promotional event as ‘boring’!

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He should have exchanged blows with Finger Games. He did not expect the other party to not take the bait at all.

That showed that it was wishful thinking on Tengda’s part.

Not only that, he had also received bad news. Eric had specially come to say goodbye. He should have returned to Dayak Corporation’s headquarters now. His future was uncertain.

Pei Qian could not help but feel sorrowful.

The most upsetting thing was that Pei Qian still had the mysterious reward that the system had not given him!

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During the previous settlement, the system had given Pei Qian a reward, allowing him to spend up to a hundred thousand yuan on his Personal Wealth. That would be converted into a hundred times of his income. It was also a permanent option. He could come once every cycle.

In other words, at critical moments, Pei Qian could spend a hundred thousand yuan from his own pocket and spend ten million yuan unconditionally on users.

Pei Qian had wanted to use this reward at the critical moment of the money-burning war with Finger Games.

Imagine it, Finger Games was coming on aggressively. Both sides were desperately lowering the discounts and were inseparable.

At that moment, Tengda suddenly spent tens of millions for nothing. How impressive would that be!

It would definitely scare Finger Games.

However, there was no chance now. The opponent had already decided to leave the battlefield. Who else could he give this quota to?

Of course, he could not waste it. If he really could not find a way to spend money in the end, he could use this method to forcefully spend the last ten million yuan.