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「Yeah, I remember that too.」

「Oh, I didn’t know」Rose said.

「Yoshi, let’s find the river first and then search for the ogres.」

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Then we went due west and found a beautiful stream before long.

We went upstream while being vigilant of the surroundings.

「O. O. Oー…」

「Uu Uu Uu…」

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We discovered three ogres.

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They were groaning and lumbering along the stream of water.

I’m sure they are looking for prey.

「Even so, they’re huge…」

Although I’ve heard the rumours, seeing them in real life, they seem much bigger.

(Just from looking at them, they seem to be around 3meters…)

All three are a similar size, with a large club in their right hand.

If we took a blow from that huge body… I’m sure we wouldn’t escape unscathed.

One wrong move, and it might even spell our deaths.