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Zhu Yan was very satisfied with this. It looked like he had bought the right broadcasting rights for the ICL league. It had an obvious effect on the popularity of Wolf Fang’s live-streaming website!

However, he suddenly saw a few discordant bullet screen comments just as he was feeling pleased with himself.

“Holy sh*t! We’re going to make a comeback!”

“We’ve lost this round!”

“I’m dying of laughter. This mid lane is too criminal, an iron war criminal!”

“Next, please take a good look at the exciting performance of this brother in the middle lane! He would not be able to do this without ten years of cerebral thrombosis!”

Zhu Yan was confused by the bullet screen comments.

What was going on?

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Both sides were pulling and probing each other on the map on the live-stream. They were in a dilemma. There was no fight at all.

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What did the bullet screen comments mean?

His doubts were quickly answered because the two teams suddenly broke out in the team battle. The heroes who were pulling at each other kept throwing their skills, and the situation on the field changed instantly!

One of the teams had already obtained a good economic advantage. However, in this team battle, the mid-laner hero of this team threw out a series of combo attacks in an extremely cool manner. All of them were thrown into the air, and none of them hit!

After this suffocating blind competition, the other party immediately seized the opportunity to counterattack. First, they killed the mid-laner with cerebral hemorrhage. Then, they took advantage of the victory to kill the three members of the other party. Then, they attacked the opponent’s high ground in one go and destroyed the entire road. The situation on the field instantly took a 180-degree turn!