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Then, unconsciously, this feeling sublimed into something called love.

I know he’s going to reject me. I’ve already made up my mind, even if it’s incredibly tormenting and painful-

(I thought I’m prepared.)

That’s why I decided to give onee-chan a push during Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Although I was in pain, I didn’t regret it- that was supposed to be the case.

However, when the end of my love is really in sight, my kneecaps can’t stop trembling.

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…Perhaps I can withstand this excruciating pain a bit longer if senpai chose onee-chan? I can feel a sense of achievement after helping her out, right?

…At this point, that has turned into an incredibly strange feeling too.

It’s because no matter which girl senpai chose, the fact that I lost my first love won’t change at all.

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-In other words, I lost. I lost him already.

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There’s already no future where senpai and I can stay together.

-I’m thoroughly terrified of such a simple yet incredibly brutal fact.

However, this is the only thing that I don’t want to know from senpai.

It’s because this person, …this stupidly gentle and observant boy, must feel as much pain if not more from my tears.

That’s why I have to be a good girl that wishes senpai good luck with a smile.

That’s the coolest and best thing Konoha Hoshinomori can do.

I know it. …I understand all of it. Isn’t that true?