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A special one-on-one interview.

“What did the student council president tell you?”

“That it’s still not time…”

Ichinose, who had wanted to join the student council, stood before the doors leading to the student council not long after enrolling.

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However, President Horikita interviewed Ichinose and rejected her application to the student council.

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Ichinose, who strongly desired a place on the council, felt disappointment at that but upon hearing of her circumstances, Vice President Nagumo had approached her.

There are three reasons behind that.

One is that she belongs to Class B, much like himself, rather than Class A.

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Another is that her academic ability is nothing short of outstanding.

And the last reason is that she qualifies as an extremely good-looking person. Something Nagumo seeks in the opposite sex.

It’s mainly because Ichinose met that last criteria. The first two are nothing more than a bonus.

The important thing is whether or not she’s worth keeping at his side as his personal property.

“I hear you were on the student council, and student council president no less, during middle school?”

“Yes, that’s why I wanted to join the student council here at this school as well.”

Ichinose told the truth. And also a lie.

“I heard from your homeroom teacher, Hoshinomiya-sensei. Looks like your results on the entrance exams were also outstanding.”