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This was the point he wanted to say after his long speak. That my selfish actions was connected to the tragedy of others.

"His son is now working part-time without any guarantee to if he can survive to the next day. No dreams. no hope."

"His family falling into ruins is all your fault. His son must hate you."

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"No forgiveness even after death."

As I was about to ask "And then", the corners of his mouth curved slightly.

"The man who took care of you, the man who saved you has died and you don’t seem to by paying any attention. Matsuo would have turned in his grave seeing your attitude. The one he bet his own life."

Right or wrong, the reason for Matsuo and his son’s fall to ruins lies with this man. There is no need to feel remorse for dead people. But this man wasn’t trying to stir my feelings of guilt. Nor did he want me to show empathy. He just wanted to state it. That we would show no mercy to those who enraged him. Nothing more than that.

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"For the first, I don’t have any evidence that what you told me is true."

"Matsuo’s report of death has been confirmed. If necessary, I will bring you his records."

So ask me anytime, he strongly implied.

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"If he really is dead, then all the more the reason for me not to leave this school. As Matsuo helped me enrol despite knowing the consequences, I have to succeed his will."

A joke of a reply to bullshit like this.