2019 online new Money Money mode

2019 online new Money Money mode

While I was thinking back on that time, Amano-kun, who apparently just finished reading the bottom of a package, looked for me in a bit of a panic, and excitedly walked over to me.

“S-sorry, I got too excited by myself…”

“No, it’s fine. We’re just walking around, so feel free to do whatever you want to do.”

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“Well, it’s certainly difficult to look at games together…”


He looked like he wanted to ask, “Then why are you taking me into a game shop?”, but I ignored him and started looking through the store.

After having looked through the games for about five minutes, an idea suddenly struck me and I looked for Amano-kun.

He was standing in front of the used games shelf. And, the package he was holding…

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“…’Golden Tricks’…”[1]

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Amano-kun was looking at that game for a while, which had a golden-haired bishoujo as the heroine in a dating sim. When I started to mumble behind him, he became startled and put the game back on the shelf.

“No, um, it’s not what you think! I-it was cheap, so, I just grabbed it!”

“It’s ok, Amano-kun. …You’re a boy, after all.”

“Don’t act like a mother who discovered their son’s porn! I’m not buying this anyway!”