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What a coincidence!

Pei Qian had thought that IOI would continue pretending to be dead in the future. He had wanted to empty all the ammunition in his inventory as soon as possible so that it would not affect the settlement. However, he had not expected IOI to take the initiative to approach the target!

Eric! You’re so miserable!

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Pei Qian felt terrible for accidentally injuring his good brother.

However, he had no choice. He could not stop now because it was the critical moment before settlement.

Even if he wanted to go easy on them, there was nothing he could do!

He could only continue to hit him with tears in his eyes…

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July 31st, Tuesday…

Finally, it was time for settlement again.

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This weekend, there was a bloodbath outside.

GOG’s ‘lucky winner event’ has been completed. Lucky gamers had been selected from all over the world, and nearly ten million players had been given discounts.

As for Pei Qian…