Is it true that IS speech is realized online?

Is it true that IS speech is realized online?

「This is…?」

「Fufu, this is『life』」

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She began to explain with a suspicious smile.

「From now on, I and Allen-kun will play poker by betting this life. The rules are very simple, so just listen to them smoothly.」

Saying that, she continued the explanation.

「First of all, we’ll bet each other’s life one by one. Then draw 5 cards and get into the first betting time. You can bet additional life, or continue with the same number of life as is. -But if your opponent bets additional life, you must also bet the same number of life.」

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There is nothing particularly unusual.

It’s a common flow of poker.

「After that, we exchange cards only once – and we enter the last betting time. If it’s a good hand, you can bet additional life. On the contrary, if it is a bad hand, you can fold.」

「What happens if we fold?」

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「You will lose half of the life you bet. Round up the fraction.」

「If we both don’t fold, we open each other’s hand – the holder of the『stronger hand』wins. The winner takes all the life bet on the match.」

After finishing the rough explanation of the rules,

「Well, to put it simply – play poker normally and if your life goes to zero first, you lose.」

Finally, it was summarized briefly as so.


There was nothing peculiar about the rules.

It’s just plain poker.