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「A one-vs-three mock battle? If you want to get ganged up on, we will fulfil your wish!」

I was surrounded by the three men.

「C-Calm down, that was Leia-sensei’s selfi-」

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When I tried to solve the misunderstanding, a clapping sound loudly resounded as though hindering it.

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「Okay, if that’s the case, let’s go to the training ground at once!」

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Leia-sensei didn’t give me an opportunity to speak.

(Th-This woman…)

When I glared at Leia-sensei, she expressed the best smile so far and gave me a thumbs up.

What the hell is that? I want to smash it.

After that, the students of year 1 class A moved to the Underground Training Area.

Of course, to watch the mock battle between me and the trio.

(To think I would come here two consecutive days straight…)

As I was sighing while thinking about that, one of the trio called out.