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(Alright, let’s do it!)

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As the flames of motivation was burning in my heart,

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「But kid. I am surprised that you can retain your ego while housing such a monster. An ordinary man would’ve had his body snatched before he even realised it.」

Bacchus-san said a very frightening thing.

「Eh… I-Is that so?」

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「Yeah. Your aberrant mental strength is keeping that monster in check. That might also explain your “One billion years of practice-swings”. That mental strength might just be your “strongest weapon”.」

「T-Thank you very much!」

After that, I devoted myself to training with momentous vigour.

A few hours later,

「Well, that’s it for today’s training! You all did well today! After this, let’s head to the bathhouse and wash away the sweat and fatigue!」

Bacchus-san said, and sheathed his sword.

「「「「「「Thank you very much!」」」」」」

We thanked him for the training and followed him to the bathhouse.

We follow Bacchus-san down a steep forest trail.