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That's right. If I attempt to penalize Ryuuen for this, I will end up completely losing Karuizawa.

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It's very possible that I'd win the battle but lose the war. Having used Karuizawa's past as a means of offense, Ryuuen now switched to defense.

"No matter how you look at it, I'm overwhelmingly in the lead here".

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"Aren't you satisfied now that you know the situation? I'll be taking Karuizawa back with me".

"Don't say something so anticlimactic. You're finally here so you might as well take it slowly".

Ryuuen then grabbed Karuizawa's arm and forcibly dragged her up.

"There's no way you'd reveal your identity without a reason. What trick do you have up your sleeve? Show me".

He extends the palm of his hand towards me and made a provocative gesture with it several times.

"Sorry, Ryuuen. But it doesn't seem like I'll be able to answer your expectations".


"I was just dancing in the palm of your hand. That's all there is to it".

No one here would've expected X to say something like that.

A cruel X who would protect their own identity even if it meant abandoning Karuizawa.

Or perhaps a sharp student who would save Karuizawa while keeping their own identity hidden. They would've thought it'd be either one of those.

A crack finally appeared in the smile that Ryuuen had been wearing this whole time.

"If the X we've been making such a big deal out of finding is a fool like this then we may as well have not found him. Surely what happened with the digital camera was a fluke or something".