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Students want to make money online

“If we have epic weapons, does that mean we must have normal, elite and hero weapons too?”

“How should the gamers obtain all those different types of weapons? Through a permanent use pass as well? No, absolutely not!”

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“Boss Pei only said that the epic weapons would cost 888 for a permanent use pass. That means that the other weapons are not for selling!”

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“In other words, Boss Pei’s hinting to us that the in-game weapons must have different tiers such as normal, elite, hero and epic et cetera! All of those weapons will then be divided into two types, those that are available for permanent use and those for limited time use.”

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“Other than the epic weapons where permanent usage cost 888, we can let the gamers obtain the other weapons through various methods!”

“For example, if gamers were to clear a certain stage within the story, we’ll give them one!”

“If they were to clock a number of games in the PvP mode, we’ll give them one!”

“If they were to log in for a certain number of days, we’ll give another one!”

“I think... that should be what Boss Pei’s referring to!”

Huang Sibo was enlightened. “Oh, I see! I was wondering why Boss Pei would come up with such a brainless demand. It’s actually because he has other intentions for it!”

Bao Xu then continued, “Besides, during the story conceptualization, I’ve got some leftovers that we can make use of as special gameplay components.”

“For example, during my initial consideration, the game would consist of many evolving zombies. We can come up with a biochemical mode!”

“Also, some of the employed mercenaries in the game were modified by the evil corporation to be half invisible apparitions. We can then come up with an apparition mode!”

“Coupled with our initial deathmatch, co-op and bomb diffuse modes, the game will contain many different modes!”

“Besides, all these modes will not require much art resources. Most importantly, all of them are within the budget for the programming and creating them won’t delay our schedule by much as well. We can still make it on time!”

Huang Sibo’s hand was typing furiously as he recorded all these mind-blowing ideas.

Perfect, it was way too perfect!

When he had just received the assignment from Boss Pei, Huang Sibo was befuddled and did not know how he should proceed.

It was especially the case after he heard the three demands that Boss Pei gave them.