How to make a computer how to make money online?

How to make a computer how to make money online?

Those digital products had lower probability than limited skins.

As for that car, there was only one in the entire prize pool. What’s more, it was not purely based on probability. At the very least, one had to spend more than a hundred thousand yuan in the entire lucky draw to get it. That was the basic condition.

To Long Yu Corporation, a car that cost more than three hundred thousand yuan was nothing. The key was that this car had to have enough publicity. It was best to give such things to ballers.

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Of course, there were some relatively tasteless games companies that would play under-the-table operations in the event. On the surface, they prepared a lot of gifts, but in fact, they were all distributed to the company’s insiders.

In any case, there was no notarization or supervision for this lucky draw event. All they had to do was to organize an event to generate attention. As for the prizes, they would not allow them to be distributed to outsiders. At the same time, they could also distribute them as employee benefits.

One portion of the money would be used as two portions of the money. It was very worth it.

Of course, Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation did not do that. They were big companies after all, and they still cared about their reputation.

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It was a critical period. It would be a huge scandal if he were to be found out. The loss outweighed the gain.

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Thus, apart from adding some restrictions to the lucky draw to make it easier for ballers to win, the other areas were still very fair and just overall.

Even Qiao Liang, who had always been good at resisting temptation, felt a little itchy.

However, he felt that something was amiss just as he had the thought of charging money.

If it was only Finger Games’ lucky draw, he would definitely not have any other thoughts.

However, after experiencing the Fitness Battle’s lucky draw, Qiao Liang looked at Finger Games’ lucky draw and felt that something was amiss.

It was not that the prize pool was bad or that the discount was not high enough. It was just that he could not put his finger on it.

“Actually, Finger Games’ lucky draw event is a very common lucky draw event.”

“In all fairness, they have a conscience.”

“It’s just that there’s a huge difference between the lucky draw system of ‘Fitness Battle’ and the common lucky draw system. That’s why I think there’s a huge difference.”

“Speaking of which, why did ‘Fitness Battle’ create such a lucky draw system?”

Qiao Liang suddenly fell into deep thought.