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「Ga, haa…!?」

Pierced deeply into Gallow-san’s abdomen and he was blown away like a ball.


The entire venue fell silent.

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Gallow-san, who flew horizontally, crashed into the wall of the venue and completely lost consciousness.

An unbelievable silence, where tens of thousands of spectators were gathered, enveloped the Orest National Arena.

「N-No way…! Oh, Excuse me! W-Winner, Allen Rodore!」

The moment when the puzzled commentator declared the results,


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As though their silence from before the match was a lie, the seniors of Thousand Blade Academy screamed out joyfully.

「Did you see that, Werewolf College! This is our Allen Rodore!」

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「Even so, to not even use the『sword』! Returning insult with an insult. This is the shadow boss of our Thousand Blade Academy!」

「Hahaha! We’re going to win the Second and Center battles just like these!」