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Many viewers who liked to watch live-streams did not want their live-streams to be monitored and restricted. This kind of feeling was understandable, but this kind of thinking was unrealistic. The key was still to what extent.

People were very curious. Obviously, the content of a live-stream that went against the norm could attract a lot of attention, but it would also cause a terrible social impact. They would definitely resist it.

Chen Yufeng continued, “Therefore, if we consider this direction, I think we can consider three aspects of the future development for Bunny Tail Live-Stream.”

“First, we have to strictly adhere to Boss Pei’s requirements: the streamers are free to come and go, real data and we have to strengthen the regulation and guidance of the content of the live-stream. We can hire more moderators and train them more strictly to do this.”

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“Second, we have to work on content that is different from other live-stream platforms.

“We have to work on normal live-stream contents, such as game live-streams and outdoor live-streams. However, we have to set stricter requirements for our own platform’s streamers as compared to other live-stream platforms.”

“For example, can’t use vulgarities in a live-stream, can’t criticize others, can’t transmit the wrong value orientation of ‘laughing at poverty but not at prostitution’ to audiences, they can’t use all sorts of methods to cheat audiences for gifts nor could theyy lure people to spend money by hogging or building a fire.”

“It’s not a problem for them to play games and share about their lives. Our platform will welcome such streamers. However, we don’t welcome streamers who are playing for sensationalism and taking advantage of the popularity. Such users could go to other live-streaming platforms.”

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“Of course, such people live-stream for the sake of popularity and money. They shouldn’t be interested in our small platform.”

“More importantly, our platform wants to release content that other live-stream platforms do not have.”

“I heard that Boss Pei’s ‘Useful App’ is developed with professors, young scholars, and graduate students in the university. They are working hard to create a knowledge-based content platform. Can we use this relationship to link up?”

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“For example, we can invite some professors, young scholars, and graduate students to our live-stream platform to give some public lectures. At the same time, we can create copyright protections like ‘Useful App’ and make these content exclusive to our live-stream platform.”

“Lastly, we have to work on the functions of the live-stream platform.”