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She said very little in front of everyone as well. She only said several perfunctory things to pacify everybody and calm them down. Then, she stayed by the side and listened quietly.

Thus, the meeting continued as per usual. Ye Zhizhou began explaining the design of Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version to everyone.

As Lin Wan listened by the side, she took notes down in her book. Then, question marks began to appear in her mind. What is this? And what is this?

Translated by: Sads07

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Phianse Depaltia, the Imperial Princess and a child of a hero, was dreaming.

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As a child who was yet to enter the academy.

She was studying with a tutor in the royal palace.

However, Phianse at that time could not concentrate on her studies much.

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“Princess... It’s time to study. I don’t want you staring out the window too much.”

“U-uh... it’s because...”

The tutor reprimands Phianse for trying to peek outside from the desk.

However, Phianse pouts like a hag and shows no sign of remorse for her circumstance.

On the contrary, she is clearly distracted and only cared about the window.