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Feeling heavy, I called Kushida’s number.

“Moshi moshi~”

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At first, I could hear the strong wind in the background. It quickly died away though.

“By any chance, were you drying your hair?”

“Oh, did you hear that? I just finished, so it’s fine.”

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Kushida just got out of the bath, huh… wait, it’s not the time to be having these delusions.

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“No, uh, I have some bad news… Can you make it so that I never asked you to gather the failed students?”

“… Um, why?”

She answered after a short pause. It seems like she wants to know the reason, rather than getting mad immediately.

“Sorry. I can’t talk about it at length. Anyway, it got a bit difficult.”

“Is that so… I see that Horikita-san really doesn’t like me.”

I didn’t think I implied that at all, but it seems like Kushida picked up on it over the phone.

“It’s not related to her. It’s my mistake.”

“It’s fine if you don’t try to hide it~. I won’t get mad. I thought she would reject me because it looks like she doesn’t like me. It just happened as I thought it would.”

I guess you can call it woman’s intuition.