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The next competition would be the semifinals a week later, but no one dared to relax.

Today’s competition might have been a crushing victory, but proud soldiers had always been defeated since ancient times. During the World Competition, every team practiced crazily and improved at lightning speed. Their opponents could catch up or even surpass them as long as they relaxed even a little.

Under the protection of the four bodyguards, the team members boarded the minibus one by one and prepared to go back and rest.

Wu Yue hugged his cell phone happily and checked the comments on the domestic forums. He was elated as he watched all the colorful bootlicking of the FV team.

A few months ago, he would never have imagined such a scene: FV Club members became the last hope of domestic players in the international competition. They eliminated foreign players cleanly at 3: 0.

At that moment, the interpreter’s phone rang.

After speaking a few sentences in English, the translator turned to Wu Yue and said, “Boss Wu, it’s a call from FRY Team. They want to arrange mock competitions with us.”

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Wu Yue’s smile instantly collapsed.

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These people still had the cheek to come and ask them for mock competitions?

Previously, FV team had asked a few teams, including FRY Team. In the end, it was as if these teams had discussed it beforehand. They all said that their mock competition schedules were full, and they were not willing to play a single match.

In the end, they wanted to play mock competitions to test them after seeing how fierce the FV competition was today.

Wu Yue chuckled. “Oh, tell them apologies, our mock competition schedule is already full.”