Online recruitment to make money

Online recruitment to make money

Salary and benefits...

In his previous company, Huang Sibo was taking the lowest salary of 1,500 per month without any insurance coverage or rental allowance.

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That was enough money for him to get by without having any spare to save.

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If he were to be able to work here, he would be earning with just the working environment alone!

Regarding salary, he would be fine if he could just maintain the status quo.

However, on second thought, Huang Sibo felt that he had to ask for a rise in salary since he was jumping ship.

Now that he already had 6 months of working experience, he supposed that it wouldn’t be too much for him to ask for an additional 400 yuan.

If so... what if he rounded it up to 2,000?

The mere thought of that figure had Huang Sibo feeling as though he was asking for too much.

However, since they were on the topic, Huang Sibo asked in a testing manner.

“2,000 a month...? Do you think that’ll work? Don’t worry, Boss Pei. I’ll definitely be responsible and I won’t complain about overtime at all!”

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Pei Qian sighed slowly and shook his head.

Huang Sibo felt his heart sink.

What’s wrong? Have I asked for too much?

Sigh, it’s indeed too much...

Huang Sibo could only wait for Pei Qian to lower his demand. To him, as long as it wasn’t an excessive lowball, he would be able to accept the terms.