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Oh, come to think of it.

Not only my father, mother, and His Majesty, but the other heroes were once enemies of this guy.

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『I have seen Hiro, Mamu, and Solja. The remaining four...』

「Yes, both Rebal’s parents and Fu’s parents are alive and well, and they both hold important positions in the Empire. I haven’t seen them in a while.」

『Hoh~...’The Sword Saint’ and ‘The Great Mage’...』

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「So I’ve heard that Japone’s ‘Kojirou’ is the top samurai warrior in his country. The last one from the Bethreal Kingdom is――――」

And, it was then.

“Ha~~~~, Kabadi Kabadi Kabadi Kabadi!!”

“【Arcane True Zenith Tackle! 】”

[He got caught! Kab faints in agony! A sharp intense tackle by Machio! So Fire! However, even though Machio accepted the special stipulation that Kab desired in good faith and fought, Machio still overwhelmed him! On the other hand, Kab’s heart was broken in the process! Here is the winner! Machio advances to the second round!]

Oh, I couldn’t watch Machio’s match... but......

「Huh... hold up it’s over already... but, now’s not the time for that...」

『Tis so. Still, you cannot afford to be distracted by the uncertainties and lose the opportunity to gain strength.』

「You may say so...」

To be honest, I couldn’t concentrate at all when I watched Machio’s match in my current state.

After all, I’m still worried. And does Jamdi’el herself know about this and about Wacha?

At least Kron wouldn’t know anything about it.