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They probably spent almost all their time on swordsmanship since they were kids.

It’s no wonder.

(If that’s the case, I should help out too.)

I gave them a little advice on making omelette.

「Actually, there is a secret technique to roll the egg beautifully. After you first put the eggs in, you scramble them firmly on the frying pan. And then you can easily peel off the eggs from the frying pan.」

「This is…! W-Wow, Allen! I didn’t think you were proficient in cooking too!」

「Oh! It is so easy now! As expected of Allen-kun!」

「Wow, it’s true! Thank you, Allen-kun! But it’s amazing that you even know how to cook.」

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The girls, who succeeded in “half-boiled fluffy egg” one after another, turned their envious eyes towards me.

「Ahaha, I used to cook a long time ago.」

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Life in Goza village is completely like self-help.

Harvesting vegetables, caring for livestock, and cooking rice. All these basic things must be done by yourself.

That’s why I was a little better at cooking than most people.

Then, the two weeks of flurry and fun passed quickly. Today, it was finally the day of the Thousand Blade Festival.