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“Then I’ll unleash a full force right straight shockwave. It’s a great swirling spiral shockwave.”


“Yes. The shockwaves from the speed of sound fists that I acquired during these past three months of training. I’m going to unleash it in a huge spiral.”

From the breakthrough state, take a breath with Magical Breathing and regain magical power.

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Then, I condensed all the magic power that was completely recovered into my right fist.

[Here, this… the entire venue is quiet. Everyone knows. The next one will settle everything. Everyone is watching. Which one is stronger!?]

The place was silent.

Even Elder sis Tsukshi, who was on the verge of tears, no longer made a sound.

She just put her hands together and prayed.

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She was praying to god… that hard.

“Lady Kron. It will end with the next.”

“Ara, is that so? I’m very, very nervous.”

“Yes, and it will be decided. …… your… companion.”

“So… show me, Earth Lagann. With my own eyes, let me see… that!”

Then the moment arrived at last.