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“We have done some tests on our understanding of the game, but we don’t know the specific effects.”

“We used the recording of the previous competition to analyze it for them. They analyzed it logically but we don’t know how they would compare it to the commentators on Bunny Tail live-stream.”

Zhao Xuming nodded slightly. “Yes, that’s about it.”

The official members of the ICL league, including the director, OB, and commentators, were basically divided into platinum and diamond. However, this understanding of the game was still far from the understanding of the top players in professional teams.

Getting them to test the understanding of professional gamers was like a primary school student setting questions for high school students. They would definitely not be able to test anything.

This was indeed a little difficult for them.

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However, Zhao Xuming felt that this should not be a big problem. Since these people were professional players, they should have some tactical knowledge. As long as they could express their understanding of the game smoothly according to the situation of the competition, there should be no problem.

They were all professional players. Their understanding of the game could not be much worse than the players of FV Team Two, right?

It did not matter as long as it was not a slap in the face.

After all, you have your own understanding and I have my own. A little disagreement would not completely crush the professional players in the official commentary team.

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Zhao Xuming handed the name list back to his assistant. “Alright, let’s use this name list.”

“There is no competition tomorrow. Time is very precious. Divide these commentators into groups with the professional players. Confirm a good partner based on their characteristics and then connect more in terms of tacit understanding.”

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“Data analysis team, prepare the relevant data for FV Team’s competition the day after tomorrow, and support logistics.”

“Previously, Bunny Tail live-streaming got professional players to commentate on the competition. It was also prepared for one or two days and the effect was not bad. There’s no reason why we can’t achieve what they did!”

“We must make a huge splash in FV Team’s competition to save the face of the official commentators the day after tomorrow!”

The assistant nodded. “Yes, Boss Zhao! I’ll arrange it now.”